Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012: Our Itinerary

This was the final itinerary that we had done over Memorial Day weekend. Our destinations included:
  1. Santa Barbara
  2. Lompoc
  3. Montana De Oro State Park
  4. Morro Bay
  5. San Luis Obispo
  6. Pismo Beach
  7. Jalama Beach
Pictures and other blogs to be uploaded soon!

Live Updates via Blogger App - Fail

Between picture taking, navigating, and sending picture texts to my family, my phone was dead by the end of every day on our little getaway. On top of that, most of the places I wanted to blog about had zero service. I hope to recap the trip in detail though during the next week. Of course, there are plenty of pictures to upload and a lot of fun stories to share! For now, here is a picture that Ignas took from his phone while we were on a trail in Montana De Oro State Park.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Montana De Oro - Bluffs Trail

We have been beach hiking all day near Morro Bay. Here's the view from where we are right now!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mission Santa Barbara

The ice cream place was right next to Mission Santa Barbara. Though it was closed by the time we arrived, there was an art show going on of sidewalk chalk art. Pretty cool!

Hello Santa Barbara!

After nearly 3 hours on the road (though more for Ignas since he came from San Diego), we have arrived in SB and our first stop is McConnel's Ice Cream! Ignas got a scoop of salted caramel chip which he loved and I hated (caramel yuck). I got a scoop of cookies and cream that was very so-so. But yay we are here!

Blogger App Test

So at 10 am this morning, Ignas and I decided to go to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo for Memorial Day weekend and instead of posting updates on Facebook, I'm testing this new Blogger app. Hope it works! Here's a picture of our itinerary from my computer! He's almost here to pick me up... gotta go!

Snapshot Saturday: Sunset at Redondo Beach Pier

This picture was taken on January 28, 2012 with the T3i. We rushed to catch the last bit of the sunset at Redondo Beach Pier. It was a gorgeous evening!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snapshot Saturday: Valentine's Day Dinner 2011

For our very first Valentine's Day, Ignas took me out to dinner in Downtown LA. I ordered this duck dish that was absolutely amazing - my mouth is watering at the thought of it. The whole evening was very cute. Being relatively early in our relationship, I was nervous while getting ready and it took me forever to decide my outfit. But I had a wonderful time and he made me feel very special!

Click here to see more pictures from our dinner.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snapshot Saturday: Lanikai, Oahu, HI

Lanikai is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. The sand is very fine and white and the water is a clear, turquoise green.  It's definitely a swimming/snorkel beach because of the lack of waves.  Lanikai is in the Kailua area on Oahu and parking is free in the neighborhood. We bought Hawaiian plate lunches and ate on the sand. A small warning: it's not actually an official state or county beach so there are no bathrooms or showers. We ended up using the free showers in Waikiki before jumping on our flight back home.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Snapshot Saturday: Venice Beach

Last Memorial Day, Ignas took me to Venice Beach for my first time. We stopped by Muscle Beach, an area of Venice that had different strength building activities. Ignas told me that he used to frequently work out and play basketball here. As soon as we saw this rope climbing thing, Ignas was eager to show off his skills. And show off he did! He climbed all the way to the top and even stayed up there long enough for me to snap a picture. What a monkey!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Halloween 2011

We dressed up as Aladdin and Jasmine for Halloween 2011.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love having to get creative and last year, I was even more excited because me and Ignas would be doing a couple thing! It took us forever to decide but we finally went with Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine.

He said I looked like a kid...
For Jasmine, I bought an Arabian princess costume and a "witch" wig but Ignas wasn't feeling it. He said I looked like a kid - not exactly the look I was going for on Halloween. I did away with the wig and bought a sparkly elastic to use as a headband. I also didn't like the top that came with the costume. It felt like the sleeves would be a pain since they wouldn't stay up. I decided to buy a bra from Victoria's Secret's PINK line. They had the perfect shade of blue. I glued on gold trim and pinned the brooch thing in the middle. The pants covered up way too much so I cut slits from thigh to ankle on both legs. I also used more sparkly fabric as a belt/sash. Lastly, I watched a few tutorials on Jasmine makeup to get the perfect look! Lots of eyeliner on the upper lid...

I liked the wig!
For Aladdin, I found an Arabian prince top. It originally had white long sleeves so I cut them off. Red shiny fabric would serve as Ignas's belt/sash. For the pants, Ignas wore XL white sweats. I also found a "pop star" wig but Ignas was convinced he would look better with his natural hair, and he did. Even though we want to get into the Halloween spirit, we still gotta look hot! ;)

I don't know why I'm making that face, I apologize.
And this was our final look! Click here to see more pictures from Halloween 2011. Only 5 more months until Halloween 2012... hmm...

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