Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nasca Lines are a No-Go

The Nasca Lines are these amazingly large etches into the land of southern Peru. By large, I mean like up to 200 meters large. The drawings are of animals and geometric shapes and some of them get pretty complicated.  Their original purpose is uncertain and there are several theories about their existence (calendering, agriculture, sport, etc.). Many recommend to view the lines by plane - this will allow one to really embrace the mystery and vastness of the shapes.

"The Monkey" -  Taken from Wikipedia
Taken from http://escapedtonazcalinestours.com
Taken from TripAdvisor. A picture from one of the plane tours. This looks very anticlimactic...

With such a short time to explore Peru, however, we've decided to rule out the Nasca Lines from our itinerary. A plane to see the lines would cost $45-$100 (for a very short flight) and I'm not really sure how much we would see from above that we can't see from pictures online.

Peru planning continues!

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