Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ignas is a grill master.
Last Sunday was a relaxing yet productive day for us. Ignas started singing "Easy Like Sunday Morning" as soon as we woke up. It was one of those rare days where we had absolutely nothing planned. For lunch, Ignas grilled chicken and I baked french fries. We also tried grilling shrimp but Ignas hated them. He said they tasted like burnt hair and smelled like burnt skin. I wouldn't know either of these things so to me, they were good.

I realized I never named my skateboard. Ignas suggested Joe like G.I. Joe. Meet my skateboard named Joe!

After lunch, I helped Ignas with a few household chores and while he mowed the lawn, I went skateboarding. For the evening, Ignas was determined to go hike somewhere so he took me to a spot where he and his parents often walk in Yorba Linda. 

I try to record all of our outside activities in MapMyFitness.  This website is a handy tool that uses GPS tracking to record all of your workouts. You can also log gym workouts, video workouts, class workouts, etc. You can pretty much log anything. I even log my Dance Central workouts on Xbox Kinect. Anyway, this is the screenshot of our hike on Sunday.
Gorgeous view off of one of the Yorba Linda trails.
The trails we walked are dirt paths weaved into the neighborhoods. You never know where one will start and where it will end. We were just kind of walking aimlessly.. or maybe Ignas knew where he was going. The houses are really nice there too. At one point on our walk, we saw this spectacular view! It was so unexpected for me because these trails are literally in between houses. There was just one section with no house and it was this. Pretty!

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